At GKO, our mission is to provide premium products and reliable advice for outdoor and adventure sports. Our expertise derives from years of competitive experience and thorough product testing, giving you the confidence to choose from our internationally sourced product range.

GKO was established in 2011 by 3 successful athletes to help bring quality outdoor gear to New Zealand. We now work with a number of great brands and retail at a range of events as well as online to orienteers, adventure racers, rogainers, multisporters, runners and cyclists (and everyone who loves our track pants).

Our strength is a deep personal understanding across a range of sports. Our products are trusted to perform under the toughest of conditions because we have tested them! We stock products that we would use ourselves so we can answer customers honestly and with integrity when they are looking for new equipment.

We have an internationally sourced product line featuring the highest quality brands:

  • Trimtex - apparel from Norway 
  • Icebug - shoes from Sweden
  • Str8 - compasses from Australia
  • Silva - compasses from Sweden
  • Vapro - accessories from Sweden
  • Vavrys - accessories from Czech Republic
  • OutThere - Packs from USA
  • Nordenmark - mapboards from Sweden
  • Mila - Lights from Sweden

If you have any questions, please fill in the contact form and we will get back to you ASAP.