Paua Packraft Paddle

Packrafting has a unique set of needs when it comes to paddle choice. Heading deep into the backcountry demands gear that is robust and reliable, but also portable. A 4-piece paddle design makes the GKO Paddle easy to take on even the most rugged trip. Blades are carbon and a balance between lightweight and strength. This is combined with a high quaity shaft to give a firm feel even in big water. 

The GKO Paddle has been born from experiences pack rafting around New Zealand. It has been tried and tested by Kiwi adventure racers to suit New Zealand backcountry and Kiwi rivers. As used by multiple teams in Godzone Fiordland.

As adventure racers with garages full of gear, the other goal of GKO Paddles is to keep prices reasonable.

Specifications - White water paddle

Length – 200cm

Shaft diameter – 30mm

Weight – 1050g

Offset – 45deg


  • 2 paddle blades, 340g each, 545mm long
  • 2 shaft pieces, 200g/155g, 600mm/595mm
  • Carbon fibre shaft, spigots & paddle blades
  • Stainless steel hardware

* slight variation in these figures is possible from paddle to paddle

Price: NZ$400 incl GST

Please use "enquire" option on this page to order paddle as we have only limited stock.