We want to see our products go a long way, ideally as far as possible. To help this happen we will buy and sell second hand products that were originally purchased from us as long as they are in reasonable condition and are likely to have have sufficient life left in them.

Return Products to GKO

If you bought a product from us and would like to put it back into circulation, then get in touch. We will check that the product is still in reasonable condition and confirm a price for you.
Email us about returning second hand products to GKO.

Buying Second Hand Products

We aim to resell second hand products at a significant discount from the original retail price. Second hand items do not come with the same manufacturers gaurantees as we do not know their full history or use. We hope this discounted price will help you consider reusing products as opposed to always buying brand new.

In time, second hand products will be merged into the normal shop pages as their own product and sales will be managed by the website.
Email us about buying second hand products from GKO.

Currently Available

Silva Zoom Magnifier - $57