Paua 2-Split Wing Paddle

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Packrafting paddles have a unique set of requirements. Heading deep into the backcountry demands gear that is robust and reliable, but light-weight and compactable. The Paua 2-Split Wing is a premium, all carbon fibre, white water paddle made here in New Zealand by GKO and tested on our own rivers and lakes by the countries top adventure racers. 

The Paua 2-Split Wing was initially developed for our own needs; long hikes into the hills and packrafting back out. With the surge of interest in these multi-disciplinary advetures and the frequent incorperation of packrafting into competive adventure races, we decided to reproduce our design for the wider cummunity. The final design made its debut at Godzone Fiordland and recieved positive reviews.


  • Carbon fibre blades and shaft with alloy adjustabled clamp for the highest durability and toughness.
  • High simplicity for increased ease of use and reduced possibilty of malfunctions. 



  • Total weight: 1050 grams 
  • Standard length (tip to tip): 214 cm.
  • Disassembled length: 112cm
  • Shaft diametre: 29mm
  • Rotational offset: 30°


Caring Instructions

After use, dissassemble the paddle into 2 peaces, rinse in clean, fresh water and allow it to dry. Ensure clamp is free of debris. Store paddle disassembled if possible, or at least until it is completely dry. When using in a new area be sure to check, clean and dry to prevent the spread of marine pests.


While built to be robust and strong, this paddle has not been tested in extreme whitewater kayaking situations. It is not intended for use in high level whitewater kayaking. Carbon fibre does have limitations. The Paua 2-Split Wing is tough, but not indestructible.

Paddle Safety

When packrafting and kayaking, always have safety in mind. Plan trips in consideration of the ability of the party, weather and other risks. Always use appropriate safety equipment. Invest in a safety and skills course before undertaking river trips. Packrafting often takes place in wilderness environments, so always take spares or a repair kit if far away from help.

Paddle Problems and Feedback.

GKO stands by its products. If you are not satisfied with the performance or workmanship of your Paua 2-Split Wing, or have feedback to share, please get in touch with Gene through


NZ$470.00 NZ$420.00
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