Out of Stock?

You may notice a number of our products are out of stock, either completely or just in certain sizes or models. This could be for a number of reasons:

  • We have just been at a large event (such as GODZone or orienteering over Easter or Queen's Birthday Weekends) and experienced higher than usual demand. 
  • There was a delay in production from the manufacturer.
  • We are having difficulty getting certain product models, such as southern hemisphere compasses, to New Zealand 
  • A product is no longer available from the manufacturer, such as a shirt with a specific colour/design, and we don't have all the sizes available in that dsign any longer. 
  • We are a growing shop and are often surprised by sudden increases in popularity. 

If there is a product you want more information on, either press the "Enquire" button when viewing the product, or send an email to info@grassyknoll.co.nz and we will be happy to answer your questions.